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Peter Zandvliet - yeeeea booooiiiii!


Peter Zandvliet is a very creative artist full of life, with a good sense of humour and his art is colourful and passionate.

Born in Leiden, Holland, the same place where Rembrand van Rijn and Jan Steen landed on earth, "I hope I'll get famous before I die at least..." Pieter jokes. His dad, Pieter also, was destined to work in the port of Rotterdam, so he grew up there, in Delfshaven where Kees van Dongen was born, "although this great artist was smart enough to die famous and in Paris". Pieter Jr. has been living in Schiedam for the last 15 years, and he hopes to die in his favourite city; Barcelona. "Perhaps that isn't a big problem if I run under a tram like Antoni Gaudí, but I think I'll try another way".



He has family in Badalona (just ten minutes away from Barcelona), so he's been coming here since he was a little boy, and he loves it more and more every time, "it's a feeling I can't explain...My work isn't really Dutch, and when I walk around Barcelona and look at the walls, and see the Urban art and the museums, I feel it as my real home, I hope my art and I are welcome there".

He started creating when he was a 3 year old boy, drawing on his mother's cook book; that was the beginning, "But, hey people! my dear mom is still a better in the kitchen than I am as an artist; sometimes life is very hard!" he admits. His main influences and sources of inspiration come from different places. First of all Picasso, because of his diversity, his speed, power and outlines. Then the ART brut king Jean Dubbufet, Keith Haring, Joan Miró and many more artists.

He is also inspired by the work of photographers, urban art and comics, and African and Tiki art. But most of all, he finds inspiration in people. His main message is "It doesn't matter if you are happy or not, create and feel useful". He likes using Indian ink, acrylic, spray-paint and his computer (sometimes).


He's just started working for Tele magazine, BCN NEWS, and Amsterdam's LFTLD magazine as an illustrator, he's also involved in a project for a movie and he's doing a series of black/white drawings for a show in Antwerp, Belgium. He's aiming to take this last project around other countries, so take note of it if you're interested and you run or know of a gallery in Barcelona ready to show it, let him know...and check out his links, well worth it!


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